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Crown green bowls is a code of bowls played outdoors on a grass or artificial turf surface known as a bowling green. The aim of crown green bowls is to roll a set of two bowls from the hand towards a smaller target bowl known as the jack. Rolling the bowl or jack is known as the delivery. When delivering a bowl or jack, the player must place one foot on a mat to ensure that all bowls and jack are sent from the same spot. Watch Jurgen Klopp have a go at bowls in the video below, in which it will explain a little bit more about the game of bowls!

Having the correct weight of bowl is imperative, especially to the new bowler. It is very personal and it is not easy to generalise as to the weight you should have. However, there are one or two things to consider, it was always recommended that you should use as heavy a bowl as you could manage. This is not as straight forward as it sounds.

Given that hand size as well as wrist strength varies enough to complicate the issue. I always tell people to hold the bowl “upside down” with the bowl facing the floor. If they can do that without struggling to hold on to it, then the bowl is not too big or heavy for them. Different makes of bowl have slightly different shapes, so try holding various ones to see which one suits you best, if possible, ask at the club, where you intend to bowl, if you can try different bowls to see which feels the best.

Bowls are made, normally, in 2 ounce increments, starting at 2lbs, upto 2lb 12 oz, although some makers will supply the “odd” weights if requested (high density bowls start at 2lb 2oz). If you wish to buy some bowls try the site below. Also if you want to become a member here at Whitkirk fill in the membership form which you can download via the link below and once you've filled it out email our secretary using the email at the bottom of the website.

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